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Our charter fee is per day 1000 Euro ! The fees are whitout VAT / 20 % / and APA / 30%/ ! We aslo take delivery/ redelivery fees / independ of the destionation /  in the case when the place of enbarking and disenbarking is diferent of our home port ! Who is in Bulgaria, Sveti Vlas, Port Marina Dinevi!
We are avialable for charters  for Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach and Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera during the summer and winter!

What is the APA and how is it calculated?

The APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) is a sum of money paid by the charterer to the captain of the yacht which allows the crew to provision the yacht before and during the charter and pay all expenses in addition to the charter fee during the charter.

One month before the charter, you will be asked to fill-in a Preference Sheet to indicate as many details as possible concerning the food preferences, wine list, itinerary and more. This preference sheet is used as a guideline by the crew to organize the charter. The APA is used (but is not restricted to) the fuel and lubricating oil for the yacht, berth fees, food & beverages, newspapers, transfers...

The APA usually corresponds to 30% of the charter fee and will come in addition to the charter fee. This advance is usually sufficient to run a charter; however, depending on the fuel burned during the charter or the Champagne chosen, the captain may ask you to re-provision the APA account in order to continue the charter.

At the end of the charter, the captain will provide you with a detailed report including all the receipts in order to justify all the expenses made for you. He will whether refund you if there is any remaining or will ask you to balance the account.

Is VAT applicable to the charter fee?

For charters taking place from Europe: most yachts offered on the charter market are registered commercially and are usually VAT exempt. However, please note that there are exceptions for which the VAT may apply (Italian, Luxembourg flagged vessels). For those flags, it is sometimes possible to avoid paying VAT if the charterer (person who rents the yacht on the charter contract) is a company.

Special cases: an 18% VAT applies to charters taking place in Spain and a 5.5% VAT applies to charters in Greece.

For charters taking place outside Europe: there is generally no VAT but in certain cases, other taxes apply.

Is the itinerary fixed?

As soon as the charter agreement is signed and the first payment received, our vacation specialist will work closely with you in order to define the best itinerary for your vacations and to pre-book the berths of your choice.

This itinerary is mostly used as a guideline for your holidays and is drafted in order for the captain to arrange the provisioning and the nights in harbors along the charter; you are able to change it at all time (weather and distances permitting).

What are the payment terms?

The payment terms are usually with two installments:
- First installment: 50% of the charter fee at signature of the charter agreement.
- Second installment: 50% of the charter fee + APA + Security deposit (if applicable) + Delivery fees (If applicable).

What are the delivery fees and how are they calculated?

Delivery fees may apply if you require your charter to start/end in a different port than the home port of the chosen yacht. In that case the owner of the yacht will charge you (at cost) for the fuel necessary to position/re-position the yacht in the port of your choice. Please note that depending on the season, the distance and the time required to deliver the yacht, the owner may charge you "empty run" days in order to compensate revenue loss for the delivery.

Are pets allowed onboard?

Pets are usually not allowed onboard yachts because of the damages they can cause to the yacht. It happen, depending on the length of the charter and the size of the yacht that some owners accepts that small pets can be onboard the yacht. It is clearly understood that in that case a security deposit will be required for the damages that may occur during the charter. Moreover you will be taken personally responsible to look after your pet at all time during the charter.

From experience, we strongly advise to do not bring along with you your pets. A yacht is not an appropriate environment for them and even though they will be happy to be with you, they will probably feel very uncomfortable and sick by not being on solid ground.

Can we give preferences to the crew with regards to food & beverages?

As it is important that you feel like "home" onboard your yacht during your vacations, our vacation specialist will send you prior to your charter a preference form that you will have to fill in. This document is very important as it will allow the crew to provision the yacht according to your need and expectations. It will also allow the crew to anticipate if some guests need special treatments or attentions.

Even if you give preferences for your charter, we also recommend to our clients to trust the chef onboard the yacht in order for him to let you discover some specialties or fresh food that you may have access to in your cruising area.

We will also be more than happy to assist you to fill in this form!


Port Marina Dinevi, Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria

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Summer charter location - Port Marina Dinevi, Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria

Winter charter location - Port Marina Dinevi, Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria

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